Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google's $200 tablet

Google's Nexus Tablet will be $200-$250 (8 or 16 gigs). But I think any tablet is DOA until it either syncs with iTunes (remember when Palm tried that?), or has access to a true rival to iTunes (Amazon's goal), or has some killer exclusive programs (the Nintendo model).


  1. Agreed. And speaking as someone with a 32GB ipad, I can't see the use of an 8GB model. I filled this one up within 9 months. The OS alone takes up a gig, Final Fantasy Tactics eats up about a gig, then you add photos or movies--the space goes fast.

    The way to win the tablet war, IMO, is actually to go completely open source. Make the whole thing completely hackable, engage with that community to do amazing things with it. And make it larger, not smaller than ipad.

  2. 8 gigs only works if you're planning on just using it for Netflix streaming and maybe Comixology.

  3. In which case it should be $100 to be worth it.