Saturday, June 9, 2012

I guess /Film didn't like Prometheus


To call Prometheus inconsequential would be a severe understatement. This movie is a trifling blip of narrative disarray, so lacking in anything resembling an intelligible throughline or purpose that I can’t help but wonder why there was any incentive to tell this story at all. Prometheus isn’t just bad; it actively detracts from the very mythology it’s trying to enhance, reducing the Alien legacy to little more than an accidental byproduct of a mind-numbingly stupid expedition.


  1. I wasn't a huge fan of it myself. They had top not actors/actresses but I think the trailers ruined the story for me.
    I also found it odd that the aliens looked like dongs.

  2. Go look at the shape of the original Alien's head again.

  3. To be clear, not all of /Film hated the movie: Peter Sciretta from /Film loved the movie. Germain on the site posted a review which was positive but critical. Adam (the review linked) seemed to hate the film.

  4. I thought it was quite interesting, as it had many of the beats of the original Alien films, but at the same time had a different story to tell. As I get older I am increasingly amazed at how cycles repeat in life, and I think that the move had something interesting to say. You could do much worse at the movies than Prometheus. The acting was good, good character development, and lots to think about. These are three things missing from most summer movie fodder these days.

  5. It would be very easy to write the movie off as bad except for the fact it IS a really good horror movie, filled with nihilism, icky-ness and bloody scary. What did it fail at, I'm not sure. Perhaps so much hay was made of "who made us, etc" in the build-up of the story arc. But hey, you can't produce even a made-up answer that will please anyone....

  6. Thanks for posting that review. I just read it and that hit the spot.

    I'm in the "i liked it but it's totally broken" camp.


  7. They were design after dongs.
    I loved the film and thought it was perfect. But i didnt watch any of the trailers.

  8. I enjoyed the movie, but I recognize that it's not without its flaws. Top among them was the final shot which just felt tacked on to appease Alien fans...despite it not really making sense.

  9. I loved it but I think we'll need to wait for Director's cut.

  10. I reckon somewhere in the film the origin of the xenomorphs needed to be shown, just as a possible sequel needs to show us the home planet of the Engineers.
    So this specific (more familiar) xenomorph came about this way: black ooze + scientist guy + Dr Shaw + Engineer. Different combination will yield a different creature, i.e, the worms + ooze = cobra-like creatures.
    THe movie was okay, visually beautiful but what some characters do was atrociously and fatally stupid, so I blame the writers. And it promised so much!

    1. But to me - since the planet in Prometheus is not the same planet one which the crew of the Nostromo find the deceased Space Jockey/Engineer; the Promo-Xenomorph seems even more oddly out of place popping up at the end of the film.

      If Ridley Scott is serious about making more Prometheus films - he should have just kept that nugget for the follow-ups. Though I get the impression he'd rather take it further away from Alien; at least from the direction that this film went.

      Also - anyone catch this ( interesting take on the movie? It's a pretty good read!

  11. Once again the writers fail the movie.
    I felt that the crew was better suited for the SS Minnow than a trillion dollar space mission. *Spoilers* This alien creature is acting like a cobra, lets get closer. We have two crew members outside in an unknown environment, lets stop monitoring them to go bonk. After finding one of those two members dead, the other strangely shows up outside our ship on the ground, lets open the BIG door and let them in.
    Personally, I am tired of films pumping millions of special effects dollars into a hundred dollar script. Don't tell me its just a dumb summer block-buster, turn your brain off and enjoy, if I turned it off any more I'd be in a coma.

  12. Mark G, you are right on all counts. The writing was sub-par - which is sad because visually it is a GORGEOUS film. I don't understand why it's so hard to use good writers and have people point out the extremely obvious holes in the story. With the budget it had, there's no excuse.

    That being said, I'll probably see it again... though not for the story.