Saturday, June 9, 2012

Link roundup

1. "[T]he risk of developing lung cancer is as much as 20 times greater from a cannabis joint than a tobacco cigarette"?

2. Chimera by Andrei Riabovitchev.

3. "Producers and directors who’ve finally learned how to craft shows to fill big HDTVs had better learn how to also scale them down for the tablet computer. It’s one of the fastest growing consumer technologies ever, and 53% of tablet owners used the devices to watch video or TV content in April."

4. "My husband is a good person: hard-working, committed to social justice. But I’ve come to a startling truth about myself... I might be happier with a less ambitious partner, someone less focused on his career and curing the ills of the world and more focused on me, actually, and the piddling details of our family life."

5. New Aliens t-shirt by Last Exit to Nowhere.


  1. Rebutting the BLF on cannabis use:

  2. Yeah, that article's just rehashing old lies about weed promoted by the tobacco companies.

  3. I remember a TV commercial about from a few years back. It showed a guy sneaking home, cutting all the cigarettes in the pack he'd just purchased, and rolling all the tobacco up as a joint - visually trying to make the point.

    Whether it's truth or not, it's not surprising that this is being brought up again, after the recently revealed results of the survey that pointed out that only 18% of HS have tried cigarettes but 23% have tried pot.

  4. The dumb thing is that most adults I know who enjoy the stuff use vaporizers. I am among an increasingly common group of people who don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, and only use a marijuana vaporizer. You have to remember when you smoke pot you are basically using a stone age technology, one of the weird side effects of prohibition. You don't set a bunch of steaks on fire if you want to cook a steak, you shouldn't set marijuana on fire if you want to enjoy marijuana.

    People don't get raped on pot, people don't commit suicide on pot, people can't overdose on pot. The idea that it is dangerous is ridiculous. It is honestly less addicting than eating McDonalds.