Monday, June 25, 2012

Link roundup

1. Femke Hiemstra print giveaway.

2. Dylan McDermott's mother died in 1967. It was ruled an accident at the time, but it's now been determined to have been murder. Via.

3. Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 is now available for $5 at Steam. Here's a pretty positive review. (I'm leaning toward waiting for the iOS version.)

4. By comparison, a surprisingly negative review of Lego: Batman 2. A quick skim at Metacritic ranges from best Lego game ever, to worst Lego game ever.


  1. My personal opinion on Lego Batman 2 -- It seems REALLY short to me. When we finished the 15 or so story levels, we were looking for how we were supposed to fight the next villain... then we realized that was it.

    Compared to the previous Batman where you could play the story as the heros, then the villains, it felt really short. then everything else is running around the city doing mostly super easy fights to unlock characters.

    I had mixed feelings on the voicing of the lego characters, it was cute, but I missed the old way of doing it. The story was well done, though, and the storyline enjoyable and fun.

    Finding the minikits are I think much easier than in previous games, but that could be a feature, in that I've had to use cheat guides to find many of them in other games where they are just practically impossible to figure out without help. they are still a challenge, but not really hard. I didn't find the Gotham part as interesting as (for example) Hogwarts in the HP Lego games. But the game is definitely better than the last Indian Jones Lego game.

    I'd rate it in the middle when it comes to Lego fun.

  2. I got my boys Lego Harry Potter 2 because it was so cheap, but alas, all they want to do is replay the Lego Batman 2 demo.