Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Uncanny X-Force #14-18

Giving Psylocke this redesign and then mocking it a few panels after the reveal is the height of having your cake and eating it too:

Sometimes it's hard to tell who should get credit (or blame) for a good comic - - the writer, or the artist? Uncanny X-Force is a perfect test since the 18 issues I've read were all written by Rick Remender, but drawn by various artists. (Next time you want to give Grant Morrison too much praise, compare the Quitely and non-Quitely issues of New X-Men.) Issues 1-4 were illustrated by Jerome Opena, and were some of the very best X-Men comics I've ever read. But issues 5-13 were illustrated by various other artists, and although the art wasn't unpleasant, I didn't enjoy the issues much at all.

Jerome Opena returned for issues 14-18, and once again the comics are outstanding. Funny, exciting, and every panel is worth study. I read them all in a sitting and am sure I'm already looking forward to rereading them. Coupled with my dislike of Remender's Venom, I have to conclude that he's an average writer at best. And that Opena is possibly the best illustrator today. I picked these up from last week's Comixology sale since I regretted buying the hard copies of the last volumes, but now I wish I'd gotten the hard cover, which is currently half off at Amazon.