Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Apocalypse Codex (Imagine the Mission Impossible Team trying to stop demon worshipers)

Let's pretend that the image you see above is not the cover of Charles Stross's new thriller The Apocalypse Codex, because the book deserves much better. The official description is:

For outstanding heroism in the field (despite himself), computational demonologist Bob Howard is on the fast-track for promotion to management within The Laundry, the super-secret British government agency tasked with defending the realm from occult threats. Assigned to “External Assets,” Bob discovers the company—unofficially—employs freelance agents to deal with sensitive situations that may embarrass Queen and Country.

So when Ray Schiller—an American televangelist with the uncanny ability to miraculously heal the ill—becomes uncomfortably close to the Prime Minister, External Assets dispatches the brilliant, beautiful, and entirely unpredictable Persephone Hazard to infiltrate the Golden Promise Ministry and discover why the preacher is so interested in British politics. And it’s Bob’s job to make sure Persephone doesn’t cause an international incident.

But it’s a supernatural incident that Bob needs to worry about—a global threat even The Laundry may be unable to clean up…
In a nutshell, imagine the Mission Impossible team trying to prevent a mysterious church from summoning a monstrous demon. The writing's occasionally a little too cute for my taste, but all in all it's an excellent page turner that could easily be turned into a quality movie or tv series. I'd love to see SyFy adapt it. Currently 40% off at Amazon.