Monday, July 9, 2012

Illustration roundup

Johnny Hiro: Half Asian, All Hero written and illustrated by Fred Chao:

Johnny Hiro is just a regular guy—a restaurant worker trying to learn the skills to become a sushi chef; someone who works a minimum wage job but wants to create a better life for himself and his girlfriend. Fortunately or unfortunately, his girlfriend Mayumi, is the daughter of a 1970s Japanese action hero. In the first chapter, Gozadilla kidnaps Mayumi. Hiro, who is not built for adventure, attempts to save her, even though he has no idea what he’s doing. Oddly enough, despite having been kidnapped, Mayumi may have a steadier head on her shoulders than Hiro.
$16 at Amazon. Tor posted a page.

Thieftaker book cover by Chris McGrath:
Boston, 1767: In D.B. Jackson's Thieftaker, revolution is brewing as the British Crown imposes increasingly onerous taxes on the colonies, and intrigue swirls around firebrands like Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty. But for Ethan Kaille, a thieftaker who makes his living by conjuring spells that help him solve crimes, politics is for others…until he is asked to recover a necklace worn by the murdered daughter of a prominent family.
$14 at Amazon.

Submissions by John Hendrix and Andy Helms for the Cartoon Network show at SDCC.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Drake Brodahl for a show WWA.

Speed Racer pulp pin-up by Jason Chalker on sale here.

Dead End Thrills posted a bunch of Tron 2.0 wallpapers.

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