Thursday, July 19, 2012

Link roundup

1. You're supporting the Penny Arcade kickstarter, right?

Our next goal is to make Jerry cosplay as whatever you want him to, which for those in the office is VERY EXCITING. If that goal is met, we’ll first open submissions via an online survey, and then select the top 5 choices by raw #s. From there, we’ll have another online vote-off.
2. Refurbished iPad2s are extra cheap right now ("cheap" being relative), so maybe the 3 is finally going to be added to the shop.

3. From Peter Thiel's lengthy debate with Eric Schimdt:
But, they're not ones that are able to basically ‑‑ you know, they're sort of the exception to the rule that we don't have enough innovation. So, you have to avoid confusing the specific and the general. Google is a great company. It has 30,000 people, or 20,000, whatever the number is. They have pretty safe jobs. On the other hand, Google also has 30, 40, 50 billion in cash. It has no idea how to invest that money in technology effectively. So, it prefers getting zero percent interest from Mr. Bernanke, effectively the cash sort of gets burned away over time through inflation, because there are no ideas that Google has how to spend money.
So, if you ask why did all the rocket scientists go to work on Wall Street in the '90s to create new financial products, and you say well they were paid too much in finance and we have to beat up on the finance industry, that seems like that's the wrong side to focus on. I think the answer was, no, they couldn't get jobs as rocket scientists anymore because you weren't able to build rockets, or supersonic airplanes, or anything like that. And so you have to ‑‑ it's like why did brilliant people in the Soviet Union become grand master chess players? It's not that there's something deeply wrong with chess, it's they weren't allowed to do anything else.
4. That link's via Marginal Revolution, and so's this: Women in countries conquered by the Nazis thought German soldiers were hot.

(If you've ever been curious, Boing Boing and Marginal Revolution are the main inspiration for my site.)