Friday, July 20, 2012

Link roundup

1. Brilliant idea from Bill Simmons:

As for Joffrey, I can't ever remember hating a TV character more. Even his name is detestable. Joffrey is so fun to hate that I can't imagine the actor who plays him (Jack Gleeson) ever working again — at this point, I'm convinced that he's equally evil and a product of incest. I think Jack Gleeson should get Nicholson's Lakers seats when Jack finally dies. Since we'll never replace Jack's star power and charisma in that seat, let's go in another direction and go for someone who appears to be purely and simply evil. He could dress like King Joffrey and order Lou Adler around. I really think this could work.
2. Two lurid crime stories from Southern California: "Femme Fatale" convicted of luring kidnap victims for cartel gang; TV's 'Dexter' inspired Marine wife's accused killer, letter says.

3. Staph and other delightful infections and rashes are a common problem for MMA fighters.

4. McSweeney's recently made fun of Buzzfeed's list posts by writing mock article titles. Buzzfeed went ahead and created the posts, including "18 Things To Scream At A Cow."