Sunday, July 29, 2012

Link roundup

1. There are significant protests going on in Anaheim California right now (very close to Disneyland). Is one protester actually a police plant? Via.

2. Yale cancels year abroad program in China:

A faculty member on the program’s advisory committee noted the lack of student interest in the program in a Tuesday email, but also said the program was “extremely expensive for Yale,” and called its language component “notoriously weak,” which caused students to struggle upon re-entering Yale’s Chinese language curriculum.

The March 2009 report stated that participants “often do not learn as much in a semester as students at the same level in a semester at Yale,” which can cause problems for those who continue studying Chinese in New Haven.

3. Negative review of Nike's Fuelband. "The only trouble was that the device didn’t seem to work very well."

4. James Poniewozik, Time magazine TV critic, tweeted that "NBC tape delay coverage is like the airlines: its interest is in giving you the least satisfactory service you will still come back for." Via.


  1. Fuelband: While I understand it won't serve as an impetus for everyone, it has certainly worked for me. Seeing the Fuel number quantifies how active I've been during the day. Though I can't disagree with the review (it does have inconsistencies with how the fuel is given), it's helped me personally as where before I'd be indoors all day, I've made sure to take walks and get my body moving more. It's been about a week and I've hit my goal everyday, starting with the modest number and increasing my goal number.

    Examples of it's failings:
    Excercising on a stationery bike, gives you almost no fuel points. What I did to compensate was put the band in my pocket so that it records movement.
    Walking 1 mile gives roughly 375 fuel points, which seems low to me considering other types of excercise I've compared it to.

    Again, it has a long way to go, but personally, it's helping me to exercise more.

  2. I'm still on the fence - - $100 seems more reasonable

  3. The Fuelband always seemed like a higher tech version of a pedometer, another exercise measuring device that almost invariably failed to properly measure exercise. (I don't recall ever seeing a pedometer that either didn't randomly measure steps twice or randomly fail to measure steps at all, or both.)

    And motion control consoles show that strapping an accelerometer to one arm isn't enough for a machine to figure out what you are doing, so it isn't a surprise to hear that it might think eating a slice of pizza is more strenuous than walking up a flight of stairs.

  4. Yeah $100 would be much better. But after sitting on my ass thinking about getting it for so long, I decided to just go on ahead. As they say, health is wealth. Is there a better version of this thing in 10 years that's more accurate? (geez I hope so) Probably, but are you willing to wait? There's no perfect product out there. I needed to lose some weight and had to act.

    I should add that I think the reason it works for me is that it kind of makes your life like a video game. If you like rpgs where you're grinding to level up, etc or any other such type game, it may work for you.

    Oh another reason that pushed me to buy it is Peter Sciretta from /Film. Seeing his progress (he posts on twitter) using his fuelband was motivating.