Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Link roundup

1. Scribner's giving away a Hemmingway library.

2. From Gabe Delahaye's review of The Dark Knight Rises:

In addition to the raised stakes, there is also the underlying (or is it overarching?) theme of economic inequality and Occupy Wall Street and chaos vs. order and violence begets violence and what have you that has been kind of running throughout the whole saga. Elmo Keep and Maria Bustillos had a discussion about the movie over on The Awl today in which they claimed that the movie’s depressing message was a defense of billionaires to whose economic control the only alternative is deadly chaos. Well, that’s actually not THAT FAR from the truth. Look, the capitalist system is FILTHY in its attempts to consolidate and preserve wealth at the expense of millions of human beings. Hopefully one day we will fix this. But the other result of the capitalist system is that Americans, all Americans, enjoy one of the highest qualities of life in the history of the known world. (And a few developed western countries have it even better than we do!) There’s also the complex and not-at-all-clear-cut problematics of the world’s economic engines that make it so, for example, the sweat shops we all decry and loathe are actually a quantifiable benefit to the people who work there. Should everyone in the world have fair working conditions? Oh God damn it, yes, and there is no clearer example of just how unfair this life can be than the fact that we are even talking about this on a blog that it is my JOB to write. What on Earth? At the same time, the world is a %#@!*ing nightmare game of Jenga at this point, and there was a real moment when Lehmann Brothers collapsed–just as an example–when it seemed like the world as we knew it was going to end. (You could make the argument that the world as we know it has to end in order to make way for a better world, and that’s cool, but let’s not pretend like the prospect and many of the variants for the new world that are not at all better at all aren’t %#@!*ing terrifying.) The system is stupid and broken and fragile, and for the moment, it’s the best we have.
3. S’mores Bark recipe.

4. Drew Magary suggests some WWE-style plot developments for the NFL:
• Tebow assumes starting role, promptly pledges allegiance to Satan, cuts Rex Ryan in the forehead with an old fork, putting him in a coma.
• Sanchez traded to Jacksonville in mid-season. Jaguars then move to LA mid-season. Sanchez suddenly becomes not terrible.
• Eli Manning revealed to have incredible crunch-time poise due to massive brain tumor that could kill him at any moment.
• Tom Brady becomes "Hollywood" Tom Brady, takes to the mic before every game to brag about !@#$%ing his wife, and complains often (and in an effete manner) about the smell of common fans.
• Jerry Jones hires Jim Cornette to run onto the field and assault scoring opponents with a tennis racket when the refs' backs are turned. Jones then cuts Tony Romo and elects to play QB himself.
• Saints begin offering public bounties.