Thursday, August 30, 2012

Link roundup

1. Apocryphal story from Businessweek's article on narco tunnels in Nogales?

When orphans and runaways began living in the Grand and the Morley, the tunnels became so dangerous that border agents would only go below ground in force. At mealtimes, gangs of tunnel kids would materialize suddenly from the drainage grates outside Church’s Chicken on Grand Avenue, terrifying diners into flight, stealing their food and withdrawing below ground to eat it in safety
2. Los Angeles is giving away "rain gardens."

3. Here's why you don't hear about microfinance anymore (autoplay CSPAN video). Via.

4. You can now download all four parts of the latest Penny Arcade Dungeons and Dragons podcast series (prep for the game at PAX). (The last Acquisitions Incorporated adventure was great.)

5. New at the BBTS, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in their Lakers uniforms by McFarlane; Midas by threeA, and in stock - - the Justice League Unlimited Micron set.