Thursday, August 30, 2012

Win three new stories from Byliner

UPDATE: Hello Zombie won and should be contacted soon.

Choke Collar
Positron, Episode Two
by Margaret Atwood

In this second, steamy episode of the new Byliner Serial Positron, Margaret Atwood picks up where she left off in her dystopian dark comedy, I'm Starved for You, mining wholly deviant territory where a totalitarian state collides with the chaos of human desire. Husband and wife Stan and Charmaine face more troubles in safe but carefully controlled Consilience, a social experiment in which the lawful are locked up and criminals roam the wasteland beyond the gates that is the America of Margaret Atwood's creepily plausible near future. In the world of Choke Collar, when you surrender your civil liberties, you enter a funhouse of someone else’s making.
Available for download at Amazon. (I really liked the first chapter.)

The Boy Vanishes
by Jennifer Haigh
Late one night in the summer of 1976, fourteen-year-old Tim O’Connor disappears. No one makes much of it right away: it’s not the first time his mom has forgotten to pick him up, not the first time he hasn’t come home. By the time local cops in the blue-collar seaside town begin their search, there is little trace of the boy—only witnesses to a complicated set of relationships in a place where surviving isn’t always thriving and where disappointment mixes with the salt in the air. In this superbly crafted story, bestselling author Jennifer Haigh creates a searing portrait of how much a community loses when one of its own is lost.
Available at Amazon.

Primitives: 15 Gothic Street,
Episode One
by Joe McGinniss
Imagine "Law & Order" set in Lake Wobegon: murder, shootings, arson, drug deals, theft, and more, all taking place against a backdrop of small-town charm and civility. This is the world of "15 Gothic Street," a new series by bestselling author Joe McGinniss ("The Selling of the President," "Fatal Vision," "Going to Extremes") about crime and courtroom justice in a picture-perfect corner of New England. Unlike prime-time television, however, everything that happens at "15 Gothic Street" is all too real.

Written by a master of the true crime narrative, the series tells the story of life in and out of an American courthouse over the course of a tumultuous yet typical year. In this absorbing first episode, McGinniss follows a lurid case of statutory rape involving the beloved director of a community theater and the young protégés he allegedly abused for years on end. Could this devoted family man really have committed such vile crimes and gotten away with it for so long? Were these young women on the witness stand telling the truth or were they, in the words of the defense attorney, merely vindictive “little actresses”? McGinniss sat in the courtroom day after day as the disturbing testimony piled up.

Unsavory as it was, this case was just one of many gritty dramas that play out daily in the Hampshire County Courthouse. This stately granite building sits at the center of beautiful Northampton, Massachusetts, home of Smith College and Calvin Coolidge and aptly nicknamed “Paradise City.” But even in paradise, there’s trouble. The worst of these troubles find their way to 15 Gothic Street, where they are laid bare every day, Monday through Friday. McGinniss’s yearlong odyssey through this land of miscreants, lawyers, judges, clerks, reporters, and opinionated locals is proof that bad behavior always thrives in the places where you least expect it.
Available at Amazon.

I have one digital copy of each to give away. For a chance to win, simply comment on this post and include your email so I can contact you if you win. One comment per person, and this contest is open worldwide. I'll pick a winner on Monday.