Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bet you can't beat my high score in Jumping Finn

The new Adventure Time iOS game Jumping Finn is super addictive. I had a good run last night.  (FYI, if you're playing the game, if you get high enough, Finn and the penguins put on helmets. You can also unlock Lord Monochromicorn as a power up.)


  1. Done! Here is a screen shot from my Game Center though, since it actually happened a few days ago...

    Username is _chico_

    Thanks for turning me on to this, by the way.

  2. And you were only #77 days ago! There must be people playing for 30 minute stretches.

  3. Not too shabby. Think I could have gotten further, but the penguins were starting to make me dizzy! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30820904/MISC/Adventure.JPG

  4. Boom goes the dynamite! http://i.imgur.com/junzp.png