Thursday, October 4, 2012

Link roundup

1. "Most Citizens of the Star Wars Galaxy are Probably Totally Illiterate."  Via.

2.  And speaking of living in a science fiction world, The Best Defense:

We are 'evolving' the military to be a human force that performs civil-military relations and infrastructure work with a smaller 'killer elite' group of spec-ops, intelligence, and drone units that operate in the dark without the knowledge, let alone supervision, of the civilian society that's supposed to control them. We know less and less about what our military is doing, but the really troubling part is that we like it that way.
3.  Super ugly new LeBron James sneakers by Nike:
Inspired by the creation and beauty of a diamond, the metaphoric comparisons run parallel to James' career. Diamonds form between the Earth’s crust and super-heated core, where intensity changes the structure of carbon over time. Under extreme pressure and temperature, carbon then becomes diamonds. 
Heat, time and pressure are three things James has faced, and they act as the shoe’s inspiration. Although a refined diamond is beautiful, it takes work to get there – it starts as a dull rock. Over time, it gains clarity and sharpens with multiple facets. 
Each colorway of the LEBRON X has a unique story. The blue diamond colorway is symbolic of the blue tint diamonds gain from interaction with electricity, which can be paralleled to James' electric style of play. The cutting Jade colorway is inspired by the Chinese art of cutting jade using diamonds. The story continues throughout the season with multiple colorways linked to the diamond.
4.  Clever advertising, a Toyota Tundra is going to tow Los Angeles's new space shuttle for part of its journey to the museum.

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