Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OK, now there's a reason to contribute at least a little to The Goon kickstarter

I'm not sure how they're going to deal with supply being overwhelmed by demand, but seems like a small gamble for $1:

"The Goon" Kickstarter is VERY excited to announce a special, backer-only SCREENING NIGHT of the finished Goon movie STORY REEL! Whether you've donated $1 or $1000 you're invited to attend this very special, ONE-NIGHT ONLY Los Angeles premiere. Details will follow in the months to come, but you'll have plenty of advance notice on the date/venue. (RSVP will be required so we can anticipate attendance) There's no admission charge, get here ANY way you can and we'll have your SEAT ready for you!!! Oh, and one other little detail... it'll be HOSTED by ERIC POWELL himself!!!
Also, Carson Daly's tv show recently featured the project: