Sunday, October 21, 2012

Part 3 of Panos Cosmatos is the best blogger

My favorite blogger is director Panos Cosmatos. You can rent his movie Beyond the Black Rainbow at Amazon and buy the Mondo poster for the movie at eBay. Here are a few gems from his Twitter feed:

The Shining: Forwards and Backwards:

On Wednesday, March 9th, 2011, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, The Spectacle Theater screened Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining forwards and backwards simultaneously, superimposed. This experiment in projection was inspired by the analysis of The Shining by MSTRMND, and one line in particular: 
The Shining is a film meant to be watched both forwards and backwards. 
We took the MSTRMND gambit at face value. We put the US DVD version into Final Cut, removed all corporate logos and leaders at the beginning, and cut all credits at the end. The entire film image sequence was then copied, reversed and superimposed over the original forwards version.

Zimbabwe news:
A pupil at Nhlupho Primary School in Kezi District, was allegedly killed by goblins despite an exorcism ceremony that was held recently.

The Grade Seven pupil died under mysterious circumstances where a recent goblin exorcism ceremony resulted in the village head committing suicide.

The death, which occurred on Wednesday, has divided villagers with some saying the goblins that were allegedly removed from village head Moffat Ncube's home were responsible for the death.

Eighty-one-year-old Ncube allegedly committed suicide on May 19after goblin hunters said he was responsible for supernatural creatures that were reportedly sexually abusing teachers at Nhlupho Primary and Secondary schools.

Comparing a burrito to a chihuahua.

The Mail has trained demons.

"Jean Claude Van Damme makes a foray into comedy in the Rob Meltzer directed Welcome To The Jungle, in which the Muscles From Brussels stars as a wilderness survival / workplace team building trainer opposite Adam Brody, Rob Huebel, Kristen Schaal, Megan Boone, and Dennis Haysbert." Via.