Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Giveaway: Genie

UPDATE: Dustin won and should be contacted soon.

New fiction from Byliner:

Genie by Richard Powers 
On a tour of the bubbling fumaroles of Yellowstone park, Anca, a rising-star biologist, sneaks off to steal samples of an ancient bacterium. Her off-and-on boyfriend, Warren the statistician, frowns on the behavior, until their analysis of the cells' ancient DNA chains reveals a pattern too regular to be anything but deliberate. Is it the signature of the Creator himself? Or a message left billions of years ago by an alien life form? In "Genie," master fiction writer Richard Powers goes sci-fi, to delightful and deranging effect.
I read two similar science fiction stories yesterday - - this, and the pre-Damon Lindelof script for Prometheus (turns out, he's not to blame for Prometheus).   This is by far the superior story, with identifiable protagonists you'll actually care about.  (More sex than in Prometheus, too.)  You can download it at Amazon.

I have one copy to give away.  Just comment and leave your email so I can contact you if you win.  One entry per person, please.