Thursday, November 1, 2012

Link roundup

1. "Have you ever wondered what kind of difference your browsing history can make when you shop? We were surprised to see this before/after photo that reader Dan sent. He tells us that he was shopping Hotwire for car rentals and took screen shots before and after he cleared out the cookies in his browser. It’s striking how different prices are when Hotwire thinks that he’s a new visitor who has never been to the site before."

2.  From a book review:

Kennedy says this was the key to British policy for centuries: Keep Europe in a balance of power so that no one nation dominated the continent, and all nations there would have to focus on land power at the expense of sea power. Hence Britain's "perfidious" reputation -- it didn't care much about the nature of its alliances as long as it could balance European powers while it expanded its empire outside Europe. He writes that, "of the seven Anglo-French wars which took place between 1689 and 1815, the only one which Britain lost was that in which no fighting took place in Europe."
3. Useful links: How to Transfer Everything From Your iPhone to iTunes on a New Computer; Collection of life hacks.

4.  New preorders at the BBTS: Marvel Universe Jubilee, Blastaar, and Professor X; Play-Arts Kai Revengeance Raiden.