Sunday, November 11, 2012

Link roundup

1.  Town & Country, my favorite magazine, had an article about year-long honeymoons.  We're assured that it's a totally normal thing to do:

Newlyweds traditionally went on extended journeys to explore distant countries.
Indagare, Brown + Hudson, and Gray & Co  are recommended as specialists in organizing such trips.

2.  Seems a little strange that Patraeus having an affair would cause such an abrupt change of opinion on his skills as a military leader (I mean, this was the guy who married the daughter of the superintendent of Westpoint right after he graduated), but here's one journalist's mea culpa: How I Was Drawn Into the Cult of David Petraeus.

3.  Boston College has a receiver named Spiffy Evans (it's a nickname, but used regularly enough that it's all that's listed on his ESPN profile).

4.  I got stuck on the text adventure portion of Frog Fractions.  If you actually enjoy them, Jim Crawford recommends these two.  Also via Jim, this is funny.