Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Link roundup

1.  NASA's supposedly going to build a new base on the moon, apparently to grab the choicest location before anyone else.  (This is a good video to watch if you ever want to know what we're really doing in space.)

2.  Speaking of hidden motives, "If Los Angeles City Council members vote Tuesday to place a sales tax hike on next year's ballot, they will have delivered a major victory to the real estate industry."

3.  This article professes to spot something important about 2012 voting patterns.  I didn't grasp the point, but this sounded intriguing:

There is in fact something weird about southwestern Wisconsin. The glacier that covered North America during the Ice Age missed this area; indeed it went completely around it, leaving it hillier than normal for the Midwest. It’s called the “Driftless Area.”

4.  The WW2 spy book I mentioned last month is going to be turned into a tv miniseries.