Thursday, November 29, 2012

Link roundup

1.  Why you never hear about steroids in the NFL:

under current [NFL] policy players can blame any positive drug test on Adderall — even if it was for a more stigmatizing substance such as steroids — while knowing that the league is prohibited from releasing information to the contrary.
2.  Free mp3 download the Star Wars official site:
Set your speakers to hyperspace and buckle up for a rip-roaring, all-new Star Wars adventure – Smuggler’s Gambit — starring everyone’s favorite scoundrels Han Solo and Chewbacca! Performed in the spirit of the classic Star Wars NPR radio dramas and set in the Original Trilogy era, Smuggler’s Gambit tests Han and Chewie’s commitment to the cause as they venture off to reclaim their glory days, only to realize that their decision to help the Rebellion take down the Death Star was not without consequence…
3.  "Make an Emergency Flash Drive and Take it With You Whenever You Travel."

4.  The brilliant God of Blades is on sale for only 99 cents at iTunes.  Also, classic Jet Set Radio is now available for iTunes.