Friday, November 16, 2012

Link roundup

1.  Google Instant Street View: Type in an address and instantly see a street level photo.  Via.

2.  "Germany was the greatest land-based power in Europe at the time of World War I, but two disastrous defeats and a total political and moral meltdown under the Third Reich left Germany weak, broke, divided and surrounded by hostile neighbors. The brilliant economic management of Ludwig Erhardt and the diplomatic greatness of Konrad Adenauer (the greatest German statesman in 1000 years, sadly underappreciated in his native land today) transformed Germany’s situation."  (Good photo at the link, too.)

3. "Several opinion columns praising Russia and published in the last two years on CNBC’s web site and the Huffington Post were written by seemingly independent professionals but were placed on behalf of the Russian government by its public-relations firm, Ketchum."   Via.

4.  Ikea's opening up a giant new store very close to my local Ikea:
In a surprise announcement Thursday, Ikea announced plans to go ahead with a new store in Burbank that will be nearly twice the size of its current location.  
The new store –- if approved by the city –- would be open in 2016 and be built on 22 acres west of San Fernando Boulevard and south of Providencia Avenue, less than one mile from the current location, according to the company.
5. Wicked Bugs, a book on my wishlist was marked down to $2.50 at Amazon.