Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Link roundup

1.  "The best part of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is online right now."

2.  "The Rise And Fall Of The Obscure Music Download Blog: A Roundtable."

3.  "Federal prosecutors in Memphis are investigating an educator who they say ran a test cheating ring in three Southern states for teachers and prospective teachers who wanted to pass standardized certification exams."

4.  From Grantland's two-part MLB trade value story:

In a season that didn't see a 20-year-old outfielder play better than anyone else on the planet, [Chase] Headley might've garnered more attention for a gigantic breakout season. In 2011, he hit four home runs; he hit 31 in 2012, while also matching or setting new career highs in games played, hits, doubles, runs scored, runs batted in, walks, stolen bases, on-base percentage, and slugging average. If you need more convincing that his season came out of nowhere, check out this mid-April interview with Headley. Headley on his power potential: "I'm not a guy who's going to hit a ton of home runs." Headley on lessons he might've learned from former teammate Adrian Gonzalez: "It's different with him because he could hit a fly ball to left field and hit it five rows deep. Where if I get the same pitch, take the same swing, and hit it the same, it's caught on the warning track."
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