Monday, November 19, 2012

Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection

I remember several years ago when Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross was announced.  I was  a huge Alex Ross fan and already owned the deluxe editions of Kingdom Come (money very well spent) and Earth X (the black and white version and delicate case were ill-advised).  And assembling Alex Ross's art in a book designed by Chip Kidd seemed like a can't miss idea.  But the book was an over-designed disappointment.  The cropping and close ups just got in the way, preventing the enjoyment of art that needed no embellishment or editing.

By comparison, Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection is the perfect toy catalog (aside from a lackluster cover).  The book is 352 high-quality pages of beautifully photographed action figures with brief commentary.

As far as I can tell, it includes photos of more or less every Star Wars action figure ever made, including repaints, cereal mail-in figures, build-a-figures, the stylized figures based on the Tartakovsky series (my all-time favorite Star Wars figures), and the just released figures based on The Old Republic.  The photos are sharp so you can really appreciate just how inexplicably horrendous the Darth Malak figure is.

I hope Chronicle Books puts out a series of such collections.  You can preorder the book for $25 at Amazon.