Thursday, December 6, 2012

Best of 2012: April

Laura Palmer by Megan Brain for the Twin Peaks show at Copro.

"Construction Overhead" by Sorenson-Grundy.

Instagram logo sculpture given out as a promotion for Paranorman.

Hole to Another Universe wall decal by Dan Golden on sale at Blik.

Aquaman in Roy Lichtenstein’s Drowning Girl by John Trumbull.

Norman Rockwell’s The Tattoo Artist with Optimus Prime by Marco D’Alfonso.

Old Spice Guy action figure by Mick Minogue.

Lair of the Rancor poster by Mark Daniels and Mark Steel.

Part of The Oatmeal's state of the web 2012 - - design for a Valve home console.

Lego mech by Angus MacLane.

May Day poster by Eric Drooker.

American McGee's Alice cosplay by Odango, photographed by Dante and Maya Larina.

Star Wars Mythos Ben Kenobi statue.

The "Optimist Tumbler" is on sale here.

Plush Baroness, Destro, and Cthulhu by Kittyzilla on sale at Etsy.

Playgrounds by Monstrum.

Dead Pixels tee and Link by Aled Lewis.  The tee is on sale at Threadless.

Space Punisher #1 cover by Mark Texeira.

Best Stories:

1.  Steve Jobs wanted to do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in real life.

2.  Jack White released a single on vinyl that was dispersed by vinyl balloons.

3.  Think Geek's April Fool's Day products.

Best videos:

1.  What's wrong with the middle escalator?

2.  Sea otters playfully chase a girl back and forth at an aquarium.

3.  Sean Young's home movies from the making of Dune.

4.  The Simpsons couch gag by Bill Plympton.

5.  Corgi enjoys being vacuumed.

6.  Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slugs.

7.  Nike's "I Would Run to You" commercial.