Monday, December 3, 2012

Best of 2012: January

The coolest stuff I posted in January 2012:

Puma's racing sailboat Mar Mostro. Here's the related Tumblr.

Snowball fight in a tube.

Hawaii 5-0 advertisement by Bleublancrouge.

MEGO Comic Action Heroes Wonder Woman available at eBay.

Plush Chewbacca amd Tetris pieces by Denn Rodriguez. She has goods on sale at Etsy.

Instructions for making a pincushion that looks like the house from Up.

Not Tonight Darling, I'm Knitting available at eBay.

Instructions for making a stuffed Hobbes.

Blood Rayne Arm Blade W/ Sheath and Adjustable Handle (great reviews at Amazon).

Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy poster by Dave Williams on sale here.

Photo gallery from Secret Cinema's presentation of The Third Man.

Activity book made for a wedding by Alicia Traveria.

I kissed a Republican/Democrat gum available at Amazon.

Medusa flyer.

Jesus riding a dinosaur paper toy available for download.

Lego "for Girls" turned into a fighter plane by Nathaniel Brill.

Cat food advertisements that are highly reminiscent of Casey Weldon's paintings.

Illustration by Frank Quitely for Star Wars Art: Comics, which is available at Amazon.

Lando poster on sale at Etsy.

Sean Hartter imagined a movie based on my mascot.

Top stories from January:

1.  The dirty, lucrative business of the sperm whale excretion known as ambergris.

2.  Switzerland plans to build a mock-1950s village catering exclusively for elderly sufferers of Alzheimer's and other debilitating mental illnesses.

3.  Hellboy/BPRD-themed summer camp in Portland.

4.  "The cruise ship captain under fire for abandoning his vessel while thousands of passengers scrambled for rescue has reportedly come up with an explanation for his flight - he accidentally tripped and fell into a lifeboat."

5.  Extra Ironic: ESPN suggests Kobe Bryant is driven to humiliate Steve Nash.

6.  And in January, I spent a day posting top headlines from major sites to protest SOPA. For example.

Top videos:
1.  Bungee cord snaps above crocodile-infested waters.

2.  Little girl vs. lion.

3.  Play Grand Theft Auto IV as a terminator.