Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best of 2012: July

The coolest stuff I posted in July 2012.  (You can see more of the best of 2012 here.)

The floor is, of course, flat.

Hipster Chell cosplay by Megan.

Dark Helmet cosplay from this big SDCC cosplay gallery.

"Baba Yaga" diorama by Nicolas Cabaret.

The stallion who mounts the world onesie on sale at Etsy.

Tumblr devoted to Choose Your Own Adventure deaths.

Secret World of Arrietty cosplay by Samantha, photographed by Morataya.

DC gave out Court of Owls masks at SDCC. You can pick one up at eBay.

Poster by Drew Struzan for The Dark Tower.

Cover by Sam Weber for The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo (great book, too).

Final Fantasy VII cosplay from this big gallery.

Scorpiana from Batman Incorporated.

Grand Theft/Doctor Who tee by Nik Holmes sold at Ript Apparel.

Bane memes.

Illustration by Jim Rugg.

Lego tropical island by Shannon Sproule.

Cheshire Cat by Mark James Porter.

Drowning in Debt Salt and Pepper Shakers by Sebastian Errazuriz.

Jon Morris reimagined classic pulp covers as starring Marvel and DC characters.

Custom one sixth scale figures by elvis1976.

Top stories:

1.  No one wanted to be the top scorer on the 1996 Olympics basketball team because the top scorer had to be drug tested.

2.  The reporter who knocked over Ichiro's bats.

3.  Dennis Rodman's father is named Philander Rodman, and has 29 children by 16 mothers.

4.  Coca-Cola is sold in special plastic bags in some parts of Central America,

Best videos:

1.  Flooding a movie theater to frighten moviegoers about global warming.

2.  The time five fools stood under a nuclear explosion to show how safe it was.

3.  Pitbull agrees to go to Alaska after a Walmart contest is hijacked by pranksters.

4.  Ken Block's latest insane drift-racing video.

5.  Secret Cinema's screening of Prometheus.