Monday, December 24, 2012

The very best of 2012: Gravity Falls

The other episodes have left me cold, but the first episode of Gravity Falls is one of the best first episodes of any television show I've ever seen.  And the irrepressible Mabel was my favorite new character of the year (perfect for cosplay, too).  You can buy the first episode for $2 at Amazon and $3 at iTunes.

You can see more of the best of 2012 here.


  1. Really? You didn't like any of the other episodes?

    What about Dipper vs. Manliness? Or Dipper and the fight-fighters, which features Paul Robertson's awesome work?

  2. No, I think I've tried every episode - - on paper, seems like I should have liked them...

  3. Oh, man. That really does seem like it would be in your wheelhouse.

    Even still, thanks for pointing this show out to me. My kids and I watch the hell out of it. It's my favorite thing to watch with them right now.

    (Hope your Holidays were Merry and Happy!)