Thursday, January 3, 2013

iOS game Hundreds is just fair

I've seen lots of raves for the just released iOS game Hundreds.  It's really just iTunes hall of fame game Osmos with a new coat of paint and a little bit of math.  It has the clean minimalist design that's all the rage in current hot apps (I find the look overly cold and draining), and controls well, and as Osmos already established, the combination of twitch reflexes and puzzle solving works well.  But the levels are too similar in appearance and gameplay and get tedious fast (I finished the first 45 levels).  Finishing each level feels like a relief, but not a pleasure.

You might enjoy it more than me if you haven't already played Osmos.  Currently $3 at iTunes.  Osmos is also $3 (but you might already have it if you regularly support the HumbleBundle).