Monday, January 14, 2013

Secret Avengers is probably the closest we'll get to more issues of Planetary

If you haven't read Warren Ellis's Planetary and Global Frequency, stop reading this review, and go buy them now.  They're some of the best written and best illustrated adventure comics ever.

Secret Avengers #16-21, written by Ellis, is the next best thing to getting more Planetary and Global Frequency.  In each self-contained issue, illustrated by a different all-star artist, Steve Rogers and a small team of Avengers must defuse a pulpy scifi threat to humanity.  The stories feel very much like the adventures a fully restored Planetary team would have gone on if the series had continued.  And like Global Frequency, the issues are a marvel of super-condensed plotting.  No one cuts storytelling to the bone, without leaving the reader lost and confused, as well as Ellis.

Stories range from Black Widow manipulating time to save her team:

to Steve Rogers facing androids in another dimension:

to an unstoppable cyborg-controlled big rig:

$15 at Amazon.