Tuesday, February 12, 2013

G.I. Joe: Target Snake Eyes. Because ninjas are cool.

The Larry Hama G.I. Joe stories were my gateway to comics, but I haven't read any Joe comics in years.  G.I. Joe: Target Snake Eyes is everything I loved in those comics.  The story hits all the points that makes G.I. Joe adventures fun: globe-trotting, trap-filled dungeons, the occasional battle thrown in to advertise ludicrous toy vehicles, The Baroness in a bathing suit, and ninjas.  Boy are there ninjas.

In this collection, Snake-Eyes has abandoned the Joes to team up with Storm Shadow and lead a ninja cult.  Meanwhile, Cobra Commander and The Baroness plot to gather Cobra's holdings and exchange them for ownership of a country.  In the ensuing series of schemes and counter-schemes, the ninjas chase Cobra's money, the Joes chase Snake-Eyes, and Serpentor ... does foolish Serpentor things.  But has Snake-Eyes really abandoned the Joes, or is he plotting to destroy the ninja clan from within?

The plotting is solid.  And the art is a lot better than it needs to be - - just look at the time invested in the background of this panel:

Preorder for $11 for 144 pages at Amazon.  (Appropriate for kids, too.)