Tuesday, February 12, 2013

G.I. Joe: Target Snake Eyes. Because ninjas are cool.

The Larry Hama G.I. Joe stories were my gateway to comics, but I haven't read any Joe comics in years.  G.I. Joe: Target Snake Eyes is everything I loved in those comics.  The story hits all the points that makes G.I. Joe adventures fun: globe-trotting, trap-filled dungeons, the occasional battle thrown in to advertise ludicrous toy vehicles, The Baroness in a bathing suit, and ninjas.  Boy are there ninjas.

In this collection, Snake-Eyes has abandoned the Joes to team up with Storm Shadow and lead a ninja cult.  Meanwhile, Cobra Commander and The Baroness plot to gather Cobra's holdings and exchange them for ownership of a country.  In the ensuing series of schemes and counter-schemes, the ninjas chase Cobra's money, the Joes chase Snake-Eyes, and Serpentor ... does foolish Serpentor things.  But has Snake-Eyes really abandoned the Joes, or is he plotting to destroy the ninja clan from within?

The plotting is solid.  And the art is a lot better than it needs to be - - just look at the time invested in the background of this panel:

Preorder for $11 for 144 pages at Amazon.  (Appropriate for kids, too.)


  1. It's funny, a lot of guys I know cite Larry Hama's G.I.Joe as their intro to the world of comics. It was the first comic to be advertised on TV and probably Marvel's biggest seller during the 80's. Definitely a step above the average toy tie-in. I may have to check out the new comics. Thanks!

  2. I read that Larry took the gig when nobody else at Marvel wanted it. Also from his posts on Facebook he seems like a really nice guy

  3. Larry Hama's work in the G.I Joe comics should really be celebrated he did some great work for a property that may have been seen only as a "comic book commercial for toys". Great lines, clean panels and lots of action.