Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Comment and win The Art of Dead Space.

2.  Hope you didn't preorder the new Aliens: Colonial Marines game.  Destructoid says:

Aliens: Colonial Marines is more than a disappointment. It's downright depressing. I can't say if it's the result of a lacking budget, rushed development, or sheer carelessness, but having the nerve to present this as a full retail game is inexcusable.
And Kotaku:
I never want to touch or hear about this game again.
3.  Reuters:
German prosecutors have extended a probe into market manipulation to all members of Porsche SE's supervisory board, including carmaker Volkswagen's chairman, Ferdinand Piech.  
Prosecutors are investigating the 12-member supervisory board of the German holding company, which owns about 51 percent of Volkswagen's (VW) shares, for suspected "aiding of market manipulation," a spokesman said, declining to be more specific.


  1. Did you play the game? The older AvP games had gotten favorable to mediocre reviews but I enjoyed them. I was surprised when the scores came in this morning so poorly for Aliens. It had looked like it was on the right track. I guess I did myself a service in not pre-ordering it.

    1. No, I'm limping through Ni No Kuni, which pretty much sucks in every way. I really only play it at all because my boys like watching.

    2. I bought the Aliens DS game, so not really surprised to hear that this game's terrible, too.