Monday, February 18, 2013

Link roundup

1.  A great speech by Cory Doctorow about the internet and political activism.  Unusually good q and a session, also.  (Relatedly, Orin Kerr discusses the prosecution's best legal theory in the Aaron Swartz case.)

2.  Brian Michael Bendis responding to a question about how much his new Guardians of the Galaxy series will reference a previous major story involving the characters:

That’s a tough one Because you want to move the story forward and be reader friendly and not drown it in continuity. I think it is best when things like that come up when they are important to the story that you are telling.

I certainly won’t be ignoring any continuity but according to advance orders more people will be reading guardians of the galaxy number one that have ever read a Marvel cosmic book before, except for maybe infinity gauntlet, so it is very important that everyone feels like they are jumping aboard something fresh and not being punished by everything that has come before.

my job is to get them to buy those back stories by making the characters seem super cool.
3.  FT Magazine:
On June 24 last year, the body of a young US electronics engineer, Shane Todd, was found hanging in his Singapore apartment. Police said it was suicide, but the Todd family believe he was murdered. Shane had feared that a project he was working on was compromising US national security. His parents want to know if that project sent him to his grave

4.  I know everyone else has posted this, but the absurdly squeaky Namaqua Rain Frog is awfully cute.