Monday, February 4, 2013

Link roundup

1.  The plot to Primer explained about as clearly as possible.

2.  Bill Barnwell describes the other non-holding penalty at the end of the super bowl:

I hated the intentional safety in the fourth quarter for personal reasons.6 As a strategic decision, I thought it was pretty clever. There is some risk in taking a safety with 12 seconds left and turning the ball over to the Niners for a kickoff return and possible free kick to tie the game, so it becomes a question of how much time you can burn off the clock before taking the safety. Ravens punter Sam Koch handled the situation calmly, taking as much time off the clock as possible without Orlovskying, but Harbaugh threw in a bit of dastardly brilliance: purposeful holding! Everybody in a Ravens uniform in that end zone besides Koch either tackled somebody in a 49ers uniform or started to slow dance with them while ripping their jersey off. It makes total sense: When you're already planning on committing a safety, holding in the end zone is a freebie. If the referees throw a flag for holding in that spot, they'll award the Niners a safety anyway.
3.  I believe Neil Gaiman will be doing some kind of interesting advertising for Blackberry in 20 minutes.