Thursday, February 21, 2013

Link roundup

1.  "NBC To Finish Fifth In Sweeps For First Time; Network Falls Behind Univision."

2.  More speculation on the weird hotel room.  (Speculation that makes the story less interesting.)

3.  Year Walk is a lot like Sword & Sworcery - - terrific and fresh graphics, music, and story, and a clever control scheme that makes good use of the iPhone's touch screen.  But it's also like Sword & Sworcery in that it's not really that much fun to play after a third of the way through.  So, here's a step by step walkthrough to speed you to the good parts.

4.  If you want a second chance to buy one of threeA's 1/12 scale Action Portable Slicers (one of the coolest action figures of the year), the BBTS has some for preorder. Here's a photo gallery.


  1. The most interesting thing (to me) about that NBC article was in the comments--apparently a lot of people believe MSNBC is the reason why no one's watching NBC. Or perhaps that particular site attracts readers from a narrow audience segment itself. Either way--weird.

    1. I didn't even understand what the first commenter was saying.

  2. None of the other articles on that site have comments like the ones in that thread, so somehow that one article and quite possibly even just that one first comment, got targeted for a coordinated conservative zerg rush.