Thursday, February 21, 2013

Link roundup

1.  "NBC To Finish Fifth In Sweeps For First Time; Network Falls Behind Univision."

2.  More speculation on the weird hotel room.  (Speculation that makes the story less interesting.)

3.  Year Walk is a lot like Sword & Sworcery - - terrific and fresh graphics, music, and story, and a clever control scheme that makes good use of the iPhone's touch screen.  But it's also like Sword & Sworcery in that it's not really that much fun to play after a third of the way through.  So, here's a step by step walkthrough to speed you to the good parts.

4.  If you want a second chance to buy one of threeA's 1/12 scale Action Portable Slicers (one of the coolest action figures of the year), the BBTS has some for preorder. Here's a photo gallery.