Thursday, February 28, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Jess Nevins's annotations to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo’s Heart of Ice (available at Amazon).

2.  Kotaku tries to unravel the status of the Star Wars 1313 game.  I bet it's dead (especially since there were rumors even at the time of the trailer's release that the main character in the trailer was nothing more than a placeholder).  I bet Detours is dead, too, and Disney will focus with laser-like precision on the new movie franchises it's going to create.  (Same way Marvel comics and movies are working in unison now.)

3.  Spinning Iranian history and Argo.

4.  Animated version of the Laughing Squid logo.

1 comment:

  1. It's a shame if 1313 is dead (though I'm guessing you are right), but I'd be relieved if Detours is never made reality. Self-mockery would not seem to be an area that Disney likes to go in these days with its franchises.