Monday, February 4, 2013

Movie review roundup

(Continuing to catch up on movies.  I watched all of these on Netflix, where the streaming experience is infinitely better than at Amazon.)

Lockout: Escape from New York in space.  Guy Pearce is fantastic in the Bruce Willis/Kurt Russell antihero role, but the movie is entirely forgettable whenever he's not on the screen.  They should have saved some of the money from the spaceship fighter battles and used it to develop better villains.

Drive: A masterpiece.  The sweet, romantic moments are so sweet.  The suspenseful moments are taut.  Even the smallest characters are rich and developed.  The music, the silent moments, the pace, the jackets, the mask, the drinking glasses, the shocking, brutal violence...  One of the best movies ever made.

OSS 117: Cairo, A Nest of Spies: A world traveling super spy farce in the the style of Peter Sellers's Pink Panther movies.  I found it slow and tedious and only made it about halfway through.

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