Saturday, February 16, 2013

Movie review roundup

I watched these on Netflix streaming:

Point Blank: A young married couple is deeply in love and the heavily pregnant wife has been put on bed rest.  The husband works at a hospital, and when his wife is kidnapped, he is blackmailed into helping an injured assassin escape from the hospital.  Desperate to rescue his wife, he soon finds himself stuck in a cat and mouse chase with dangerous gunmen and crooked police. The cliched set up is very well done, and the French police in their  black leather jackets are very stylish, but otherwise, this is a remarkably dull thriller and I lost interest before the last 20 minutes.  It's sort of amazing that the same movie could be used as an example of how to quickly introduce sympathetic characters, and how to film extremely boring chases.  Even the music is boring.

True Grit: This movie really takes a while to get going thanks to an entirely superfluous and extremely tedious courtroom scene early on (unless its purpose is to acclimate us to Jeff Bridges's accent?).  The movie's tone is also a little offputting - - it's mostly surprisingly wholesome, almost Disney-esque, except for a single act of shockingly brutal violence that could easily have been omitted from the movie.  Other than that, the characters are extremely rich and memorable (including momentary characters like the bear pelt-wearing doctor), and I cared deeply for them by the end.