Monday, February 18, 2013

The Cowlipha cut scene from Ni No Kuni

So far, Ni No Kuni's been a huge disappointment.  I expected it to suffer from most of the shortcomings common to Japanese-style RPGs (repetitive grinding battles, bizarre plot, periodic areas without the ability to save progress, and lots of backtracking), but I didn't expect the character design and animation to be so lackluster.  Really, the best thing to say about the game is that there's a lot of it.

But after fighting the first seven bosses (16 to go!), I was finally rewarded with some (brief) Studio Ghibli magic.  This encounter with the gluttonous "Cowlipha" is highly reminiscent of Spirited Away.


  1. Wow, this is the first gamer I see to describe Ni No Kuni as "a huge disappointment". It surely has its flaws but I think it's one of the best jRPGs after Chrono Trigger. It reminds me a lot of the old jRPGs that I played on my Super Nintendo like Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia, Secret of Evermore... This is an authentic japanese RPG. My guess is that you are criticizing the entire game-genre (jRPG), perhaps?

    1. No, like I said, I knew going in the gameplay was basically the same as old classics like FF7. I had expected to enjoy the story and character design, and that hasn't happened at all (KOTOR had dull, repetitive gameplay, but that was ok b/c the story and character designs were so great).

      It's gotten plenty of poor scores from major reviewers:

    2. I dont know. You compare it to being like other games that are pretty perfect also. I play lots of RPGs of different types and this is by far one of the most varied and polished ones I have ever played. You quote kotaku as a bad review, but they also have an entire article on how perfect even the useless jump is. I have to agree with the masses on this one. I guess positive reviews for big games are rare on this blog though.

    3. The Kotaku link lists various critic reviews, including several negative ones.

  2. Yeah I wouldn't call it a huge disappointment at all. Granted its not perfect nor is it groundbreaking but I think it's a pretty good game.