Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Link roundup

1.  BBC:

A Soviet soldier who went missing in Afghanistan nearly 33 years ago has been found living with Afghans in the western province of Herat. 
The soldier is semi-nomadic, has the adopted Afghan name Sheikh Abdullah and practises herbal medicine, Russia's RIA news agency reports.
2.  If you want to know who to root for in the NCAA basketball tournament, read this article about Butler and VCU:
The Siegel Center at VCU is an intimidating setting that complements Havoc. The capacity is only 7,600, but it's a cauldron of noise. The stands are a dark sea of yellow-and-black, and there's a pep band with a crazy director that keeps the energy high. They even have their own version of "The Imperial March," in which the entire student body goes into an operatic frenzy after the band plays Juvenile's "400 Degreez" and finishes by shouting in unison: "It's Havoc you fear!"

In combination with the tight confines, the chant has a sort of psychotic, ominous vibe, and it's one of the coolest things I've seen at a college basketball game.
3.  Good news for people in Los Angeles:
A former U.S. Marine convicted of arson fires while stationed in Japan more than a decade ago pleaded no contest Tuesday to charges that he ignited several vehicle and motor home fires in North Hollywood.

Kurt Kaye Billie, 35, entered his plea to two counts of arson of an inhabited structure and one count of aggravated arson. As part of his plea, he admitted setting 21 fires to vehicles and motor homes in July and August 2011 in the North Hollywood area.