Monday, March 11, 2013

Pilgrim, Godzilla, and first five commenters win a comic

UPDATE: Giveaway is now over, and I've exchanged emails with all of the winners.

Pilgrim #1 written by David Gaffney and illustrated by Simon Roy (the incredible illustrator on Prophet).  It's a light-hearted pulpy adventure about demon-fighting treasure-hunting buddies (a medieval knight and demigod Hercules) that shows there's still a lot of room in the genre.  If you like Brendan Fraser's The Mummy and Mike Mignola's Hellboy, then you'll definitely enjoy this.

I also have FIVE copies to give away.  For a chance to win, simply comment on this post and include your email so I can contact you if you win.  First five commenters win, USA and Canada residents only, please.

Godzilla: Half Century War written and illustrated by James Stokoe. These first four pages from the first issue of the series really tell you everything you need to know.  Stokoe draws an incredible Godzilla, almost magically remaining faithful to the rubber-suited look while imparting a fearsome power to the monster.  And if you like Godzilla's cast of characters, you'll definitely get your money's worth from this series - - Godzilla confronts a huge selection of his most famous movie arch-enemies, including MechaGodzilla, SpaceGodzilla, and Mothra.  However, just as you can fully enjoy the movies while ignoring all the dialog, you're best off entirely ignoring the writing this series.  There's essentially no story other than: a squad of soldiers witness Godzilla's many acts of destruction.  Nevertheless, the art makes this book well worth the $11 you can preorder it for at Amazon.