Thursday, May 30, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Slideshow of weird landscapes, including Australia's Lake Hillier. Via.

2.  Double Fine announced a kickstarter for a new game even though they're still working on their previous kickstarter-funded game.  Also, the lowest level of $20 gets you the game and nothing more.  Their last game is only $15 on Steam.

3.  Lots of Apple news: there's a new 16gig $229 ipod, and lots of new games including Phoenix Wright, Warhammer Quest, and KOTOR, one of the best games of alltime.

4.  Speaking of Star Wars, if for some reason you're dying for more versions of the same old Star Wars figures, you can now preorder the Star Wars Black 6" and 3.75" figures.  In better news, that really cool "Data Viper" figure I posted a while back is available for preorder.