Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Google's going to spend $500 million to promote a new smartphone.  Which sounds crazy until you read that Apple and Samusng spend that much, too.

2.  "Maps of vast empires that no longer exist."

3.  Kotaku recommends the new iOS Deus Ex game.  The new Kavinsky iOS game is also out now, and free.

4.  More books added to the latest eBook Humble Bundle.


  1. I don't know how "good" the Kavinsky game is, but it's notable as being the first iOS game that I've seen that was made to promote an album/musician. Following in the footsteps of the (awful) Michael Jackson Moonwalker video game?

    The Deus Ex game is lost on me, as one needs an Ipad 3 or Mini to play it (I have an ipad 1). Last I knew, you had no ipad, though, so....

    I'm not planning on upgrading my ipad, so I think I'm going to be missing out on a lot of new games moving forward. But, on the flipside, a number of games I have on my ipad (and like) aren't available any longer (and would not "transfer" to a new ipad). Not sure why/how the store works that way.

    1. Yeah, can't justify the cost of an ipad

  2. I agree with you, actually. I bought mine used online--people were/are dumping them constantly, feeling the "need" to upgrade. And I'm in the bay area, where everything is crazy pricey, so I'm guessing you'll have even more luck finding some good deals locally on craigslist and such.