Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Maybe directors keep quitting because they realize The Stand has a good set up (although overdone at this point), decent middle, and truly lousy ending.

2. The Bank of England:

The vaults are huge and include three disused wells. In fact, the floorspace is actually larger than that of the City's tallest building, Tower 42. Keys three-feet long are needed to open the gigantic vault doors. 
They look ceremonial, like something used for a state occasion, but these keys are in fact entirely functional. 
As they are inserted into the locks, the person attempting entry also has to speak a password into a microphone before the vaults are opened.
3.  Train paper toy by Matt Hawkins for GE.  Via.

4.  Post-its marking all the deaths in Game of Thrones.  Now do the same thing for all the sexual assaults.