Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Link roundup

1.  Grantland:

True Detective is an impressive vision of television's bold, unconventional future. Yet its bleak subject matter and the punishing grimness of its tone are a familiar and unfavorable reflection of the worst excesses of TV's blood- and testosterone-soaked present. It's not a pretty picture — in fact, it's often extremely unpleasant.
2. Taste test of the burritos from LA's burrito vending machine.

3. "mass-surveillance could be the logical outcome of our dream of the ever-increasing empowerment of the individual."

4.  Geoff Trapp, a NECA painter, has a new t-shirt design up for vote at Threadless.

5. The Witcher boardgame revealed.

6.  I made the mistake of giving Agents of Shield another try last night since I hoped the reveal of Coulson's miraculous survival would be interesting (Scarlet Witch?  LMD?).  The "reveal" was about as disappointingly mundane as could be AND was surprisingly disturbing.  What age group is this show intended for?


  1. I agree with the reveal of Coulson's survival/revival. Totally disappointed and felt no emotion. I usually dvr the show and watch when I don't have anything else to watch. But last night I made sure to watch it so it wouldn't be spoiled. Well if I knew they made a light bright out of his brain I wouldn't have bothered with all the hype.

    1. The big reveal was...he had extensive surgery?