Sunday, February 15, 2015

New toy reveals

I'll be updating this post as this weekend's new reveals catch my eye:

Age of Ultron toys will include a Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch.

Cryptozoic is making Bone figures.

Get exciting play right out of the package with the gargantuan CybeRex™ and Batman action figure! As seen in the Batman Unlimited animation series, the beast features colorful, iconic details, 5 points of articulation for major action and offensive attack and an awesome transformation: just squeeze the trigger on his tail and a disk launcher, disguised as exoskeleton, slides up and forward! His neck lowers and his jaw opens as Batman™ slides up with it to take aim. Pull the trigger behind his seat, and the disk launcher fires in quick succession! Villains don’t stand a chance. When you bring them down, lock them up in the CybeRex™ belly jail.

Tonner actually made three Jupiter Descending dolls. No pic of the Channing Tatum.

Young Frankenstein by Funko.

Plush Rocket and Groot by Funko.

Masters of the Universe.

Batgirl 66 and Batman playset.

WWE Elite Razor Ramon and Doink the Clown.

DC Collectibles.

Upcoming Marvel Legends figures and Marvel Infinite figs, including the Ultron and white Vision and Ruffalo:
Avengers Legends Infinite Series 3
Dr strange modern
Now iron man
Movie war machine

Hulk buster baf
Biggest baf yet

Antman Legends Infinite

Antman movie figure
Tiger shark
Grim reaper
6 inch Giant-man
Movie ultron baf

Spidey Legends Infinite Wave 2
Scarlet spider
Misty knight
Ghost rider
Chameleon with hammer head and jjj head pack ins
Superior venom
White tiger
Baf: rhino
Alternate head for him

Retail exclusives:
Hulk, Ultron, White Vision Target Three Pack
Avengers 2 movie 4 pack for Amazon
Thor. Ruffalo, black widow, Hawkeye
All movie

NECA's Interstellar dolls and Pacific Rim figurines.

Kidrobot Adventure Time.

Funko's The Fifth Element.

Dynamite Action No 23 Pantheroid

NECA's Aliens Power Loader (Ripley sold separately).

Mezco Mortal Kombat.

Lego Star Wars and Scooby-Doo.  Via.

Terminator and Commando figures by NECA.

Combiner Wars Devastator. Via.

Plush Krypto and Streaky

Bombshells The Joker and Harley Quinn statue. Via.

They must have not gotten Patrick Warburton's likeness rights, right?