Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Link roundup

1. Michael Gillette is giving away Bond prints.

2. "The Most Important Scenes from Fantastic Four (As I Remember Them)."

Ben Grimm: Wait, what about Sue?

Reed Richards: What about her?

Ben Grimm: Sue’s coming along, right?

Reed Richards: Nah. Let’s keep it to us bros.

Ben Grimm: The hell?! We’re supposed to be the Fantastic Four. How is she supposed to get her powers if she doesn’t come with us to this other dimension?

Reed Richards: I dunno.

Ben Grimm: So you’re telling me, in this movie about the Fantastic Four, in a movie that is solely about our origin story, we’re going to exclude one of the core characters from the key moment in our origin story.

Reed Richards: I guess.
Sue Storm: You realize that not only did I not get to go to the other dimension, but my job on the projects was making the environment suits? Making clothes? For the men?
3. "Federal authorities have charged six people, including three workers for the California Department of Motor Vehicles, with conspiring in a bribery scheme to issue driving licenses for truckers without requiring them to pass mandatory state tests."

4. Imagining the future of Disneyland:
Imagine being the rebel spy on Star Tours, later seeing your mug shot on “wanted” signs around Star Tours Land, leading to a possible confrontation with a bounty hunter at the Cantina?
5. "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and the case of the hidden sprint key"
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is a beautiful game that tasks you with exploring a seemingly uninhabited town to try to figure out what exactly happened to all the people. The game's pace is meant to be deliberate, but the inability to increase the speed in which you move proved frustrating to some reviewers.
Here's the interesting bit: There was always a run command in the game; it was just hidden, with no hints of its existence.