Monday, September 7, 2015

Town and Country remains my favorite magazine


Five years ago this magazine published a feature about the glamorous lives of Atlanta couple Danielle and Glen Rollins. They were young, blond, and beautiful; Boxwood, their five-acre Regency-style estate in Buckhead, was "the house everyone in Atlanta dreamed about," according to T&C. Glen was unusual: The third-generation inheritor of an industrial fortune (pesticide giant Rollins Inc., the $6 billion parent company of Orkin), he also had a bona fide track record as a businessman. He, his father Gary, and his uncle Randall ran the publicly owned extermination behemoth, with Glen as president and chief operations officer of Orkin. No other member of Glen's generation worked for the family business. He was the golden boy and lived in appropriately high style, as the reader saw.
But earlier this year Danielle reached out to me on Facebook. She and Glen had split up. No longer living at Boxwood, she had temporarily moved into a house owned by her hairdresser while she struggled through arbitration following a vicious divorce that felt to her like "something out of John Grisham."
In September 2010, while T&C readers were still enjoying pictures of domestic bliss at the Rollins manor, Glen filed suit against his father and uncle, who immediately fired him from Orkin. His three siblings stood with him, his five cousins against. His mother swiftly made her choice, filing for divorce from Gary after 45 years of marriage. Glen's suit is expected to roll through the courts for years.

At home Glen and Danielle fought more bitterly than ever, and in 2012 she too filed for divorce.