Monday, October 12, 2015

Link roundup

1. Nightmare fuel.

2. "Elaborate NYT graphic makes me think something quite different from what they want me to think."

second, if we're talking about families — 158 families — how are they "overwhelmingly... male"?
[Third] If all of the households gave just $5, that would be $600 million, vastly overwhelming those supposedly fearsome, overspending, rich, white men.
[Fourth] Why did the NYT draw the line at 158 families?
3. Twitter Moments "is a disaster":
Twitter is obsessed with the celebrities that use its platform, and this is hardly the first time that Twitter takes their content and shoves it down your throat.
Twitter Moments are more of the same: Official organizations, members of the media, and celebrities.
The problem for Twitter with this approach is not only can you get that commentary anywhere, you can in fact get it better in other places!
4. $100 itunes for $80 at ebay. $50 for $40.